How to reduce cholesterol levels & protect your heart? ❤️

Cholesterol is created in the body in two ways: The food we eat & by our liver. If the cholesterol level is increased in the body, it may lead to an increased chance of heart problems. Therefore, we need to watch our diet, keep a healthy lifestyle and learn about how to maintain the level of cholesterol in our bodies.

Here are the top 10 healthy tips you need to follow to control your cholesterol levels and protect your heart:

  1. Avoid all kinds of processed and fried food such as burgers, fried potatoes, snacks & sweets.
  2. Eat more foods that are high in fiber and unprocessed grains like quinoa, brown rice, rolled oats, rye, barley, oat bran, whole wheat bread, and cereals.
  3. Consider eating whole fruits and vegetables before juice, canned or frozen varieties.
  4. Include legumes like lentils, beans, and peas in your diet.
  5. Drink water to fill you and adds fiber to your diet for easier digestion and to flush out the fats.
  6. Ensure having enough sleep, at least 8 hours at night.
  7. Eat your fruits and vegetables raw and fresh.
  8. Reduce sodium in your diet. Salt is the most common part of processed food.
  9. Drink at least one glass of water and herbal tea throughout the day.
  10. Get your cholesterol checked up once every 6-12 months.

Your health is your responsibility, please take care of it.

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